Our vision of sustainability is to produce high-value green nickel sulphate that provides opportunities for the community we operate in.

Blackstone takes its obligations to the Muong Khoa, Ta Khoa Hong Ngai and Ta Hoc communes, Vietnam and our shareholders seriously in the pursuit for responsibly-sourced green nickel sulphate. We strive to be a responsible operator through measuring, tracking and reporting on our commitments to:

Providing economic and employment opportunities to the community and developing the Vietnamese economy

Operating safely, supporting community health and wellbeing initiatives

Protecting the natural environment, setting clear targets and using renewable energy sources.


Our people and community is the strongest asset we have at Ta-Khoa. We aim to preserve this relationship and ensure the community benefits from the opportunities that Ta-Khoa project brings by prioritising the:

  • Strong relationships we have established in the community

  • Employment opportunities to the local community and Province

  • Local procurement for all aspects of our services

  • Training and education for our employees to build their skills

  • Support of community initiatives and schools

  • Development of local infrastructure initiatives that benefit the community.


Safety and the good health of our employees and the community is a priority. 
We aim to champion occupational and community health and safety initiatives on site and in the community.


We will do this by:

  • Setting targets toward occupational health and safety, building awareness and ownership of OHS, and reporting on our progress.

  • Continuing to support community health and wellbeing programmes.

  • Monitoring our operations and supply chain to ensure compliance with Anti-Slavery initiatives.


Our project will service demand for Asia’s growing lithium-ion battery industry in the movement toward a decarbonised economy.


We will work to the international environmental standards alongside community members, to ensure we limit our impact, work toward being a world-class green nickel mine, and provide practical solutions to a changing climate.

We aim to do this by:

  • Complying to best practice international standards, set strong targets and be transparent in our progress 

  • Supporting the electric vehicle industry by providing responsibly-mined nickel sulphate

  • Utilising the Hoa Binh hydro power plant to support our efforts to use renewable power sources.